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  • Minneapolis Educational Article of the Month - About Minnesota Coyotes

About Minnesota Coyotes

Minneapolis coyotes look like a domestic dog. They are actually often flawedas this medium-sized animal but they have more distinct features than common dogs. Among these features include long and bushy tail with black on the tip. They also have pointed ears that seems like attentive at all times. They also have narrower face than a domestic dog. Their fur differs from light brown, to gray in color, which is often white in their belly area.

Habitation of Minneapolis Coyotes
Coyotes are often found in North America area, Alaska, New England, and in Mexico. They have the ability to adapt in any habitat. They can live in dessert, grasslands, hills, and even in highly populated areas. They can adjust in many environments depending on where they live. They hunt for foods, usually target smaller prey that cannot defend themselves from these wild dogs. They can also with small packs, especially when they hunt for larger Minnesota animals like deer.

Diet of Coyotes
Minnesota coyotes are generallyomnivores, meaning they can simply eat anything – plants or animals. In the desert, they can adjust their diet based on the season or climate. They can feed on :

Life expectancy of Coyotes
Depending on where they live, whether being preyed of hunted, Minnesota coyotes can live up to 10 to 14 years. On the contrary, they can live much longer, even as 20 years when they are under captivity. This is because they are safe form hunters and other natural disasters and predators. Speaking of predators, coyotes can be target of other predators, especially those animals that are bigger than them such as bears, lions and mountain wolves. To escape their predators, coyotes adapt and move to busy communities. That’s why most of them are killed as they cross a busy road. Yearly, there are hundreds of Minneapolis coyotes killed in open roads.

Some quick facts about coyotes
Do you know that Minneapolis coyotes are said to be singing to communicate with their pack? They often communicate with other members of the family, especially when they are looking for food. Another fact about coyotes is that they are also killed by the animals they eat. Since these wild dogs don’t care too much about the food they eat, they can feed on poisoned plants and animals, causing them to die in the wild.

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