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  • Minneapolis Educational Article of the Month - Deer Repellents

Deer Repellents

There are lots of deer repellents in the market, and people often wonder which to buy and which is the most effective. All labels of these repellent program claim that they are effective but usual that’s not the case as most of the products are not effective as advertised.

Scare deer with predator urine

Deer just like every other wild animal have predators that do not like to associate with. Or that reason, simply by spraying the urine of the predator around your property you will stand chance of keeping Deer out of your property with ease. Getting the predator urine does not form any kind of complexity as you can easily do that through wild animal repellent store near your area.

Make Deer Go Away With Some Garlic and Deodorant Soap

Deer do not like to forage in areas with the smell of garlic and deodorant soap. For that reason, if you want to keep them away, you have to spray your yard with garlic juice or use deodorant soap and spay on the leaves and grasses around your property. Most people have testified keeping Deer away from their property just with the help of Garlic juice. You can squeeze out the juice yourself from the garlic clove or buy one in the grocery store.

Discourage Deer from Eating the Grasses around With Repellents

It is true that most companies are advertising to sale quality chemical that can be used to repel Deer, but the truth is that most of the chemicals do not work. You can easily repel Deer by spraying rotten eggs, hot pepper sauce as well as garlic juice on the grasses and leaves around your garden or backyard.

Make Use of Ultrasonic Devices to Repel Deer

Deer do not like to stay in a place where they will be disturbed. For that reason, you can use motion activation lighting, Ultrasonic water sprinkler and others to scare Deer away from your property. But this method can only solve the problem temporally as the animals will certainly come back to cause damage to after a short time. So, if you are using Ultrasonic Devices to scare or repel Deer, you should be sure to implement other method.

Electric Deer Repellents

Deer will completely go away from your property, backyard and others when you install electric fence. Once they get electrocuted they will definitely look for somewhere else to forage for food. That will help you to completely keep Deer away from your property without passing through stress. Though this method is effective, yet it does not offer permanent solution to Deer infestation.


If you are looking for the best way to keep Deer away from your property, you should not spend your money on any chemical you found online. Rather you should try some homemade deer repellents as they will work better than artificially formulated product. Also, you can permanently keep Deer away from your property when you remove the things attracting them to your property.

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