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  • Minneapolis Educational Article of the Month - Groundhog Prevention Tips

Groundhog Prevention Tips

Groundhogs also known as woodchucks are among the problems of Minneapolis homeowners. It can dig holes and make burrows underground thereby compromising foundation of your structure and building. For that reason, most homeowners are looking for the easier to keep them away.

Keep Groundhogs Away With Fences
If Minnesota groundhogs have been visiting your property either garden, backyard or other you can restrict the movement with fences. Groundhogs do not really climb but can dig through the foundation of your fence. So, you have to use wire mesh and make sure you burry some inches of the wire mesh into the ground. That will prevent the Minneapolis animal from burrowing and digging through the fence to gain access into your property.

Keep Groundhogs Away with Home Repairs
If not through fencing you can equally keep Minnesota groundhogs away with proper home repairs. You have to find out where your home need repair and do that so as to avoid groundhogs passing through the damaged areas of your home to cause more damages. Go round your house and check the backyard to find out whether there are holes through which groundhogs can gain access to your home. Make sure you completely cover the holes and you will live to worry less about groundhogs.

Remove Attractants to Keep Groundhogs Away
One thing you need to know is that Minneapolis groundhogs in your home or property are there for a reason. Something around must be attracting them to your property and you must remove that thing to ensure your property is safe. Search around your garden to find out the things serving as attractants to groundhogs and remove them. Also, you have to clear the bushes around you and cut tall grasses in your backyard to discourage Minnesota groundhogs from coming around to cause damages to you.

Use Natural Remedies To Keep Groundhogs Away
Apart from clearing the bushes, carrying out home repairs and putting up fences, there are other ways to ensure complete removal of Minneapolis groundhogs. You can make use of most home remedies proved to be highly effective in groundhog removal. But, any method you want to use, you must ensure it is humane and safe for you and your pet at home. Keeping groundhogs away through the methods listed out here will save you from the damages they cause as well as the diseases they carry.

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