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  • Minneapolis Educational Article of the Month - How to Kill a Mole

How to Kill a Mole

If all those irritating methods, home remedies and repellants no longer work to address you problems with Minneapolis moles, killing them can be your last resort. There are ways to kill a mole, including lethal traps and poisons. Remember that only the mole that ate the poison will die. It will not affect others that have been digging nearby. You must also have to identify the area where you need to put the poison. Place it in the area where there is abundant supply of earthworms because those are the primary diet of moles. Again, do not forget that killing Minnesota moles through poison will take days so you must be patient enough to replace the poison on a daily basis.

The most common mole poisons
Anti-coagulate poison. Most of the mole poison available in pest control section is the market is based on the concept of anti-coagulation. These poisons are manufactured in grains and have the ability to stop the gastrointestinal system of the victim in producing Vitamin K that is needed to clot blood. Anti-coagulate poisons contain chemicals that can damage the internals of the Minnesota mole. When this happens, the mole will suffer from internal bleeding but won’t be able to recover since its blood vessels are severely damaged. There will be profuse internal bleeding until the mole is dead. It is important to note that this method is not an easy way. It will take days before the mole dies.

Zinc phosphide-based poisons. Another common Minneapolis mole poison available is the zinc phosphide-based poison that reacts with the stomach acids. It creates a toxic gas inside the mole that can kill it from the inside.

Calciferols. Another poison method to kill Minnesota moles is by feeding them with earthworms with Calciferols. The concept of Calciferols is to deplete Calcium and Vitamin D in the body of the mole, thus killing it after a couple of days of feeding them to the animal.

Trapping the mole: The most effective way
Many Minneapolis exterminators and pest control services still believe that the best way to kill and eliminate moles from your garden is by trapping them. There are also commercial mole traps available in the market. Trapping these animals need a full attention as you have to locate the area where they can usual dwell and set up the trap before they come in. You also need to set up several traps all over the tunnel zigzagging in your lawn. Be mindful that most of those tunnels are interconnected and some of them might not be inhabited.

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