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  • Minneapolis Educational Article of the Month - Will Rice or Alka-Seltzer Kill a Pigeon?

Will Rice or Alka-Seltzer Kill a Pigeon?

Pigeons are very annoying especially when they try to roost in your place. What makes it harder for these Minneapolis birds is that they travel in flock and it is very difficult to get rid of them. Nobody would blame you if you have scouted all the possible terms and methods to exclude and even kill those birds.

Pigeon infestation can ruin valuable properties such as your house, car, and even architectural landmarks because of their droppings. These wastes are also very unpleasant to sight and smell. Who would be happy if you are about to drive your car and find out it is covered with Minnesota pigeon droppings?

Home remedies to kill a Minnesota pigeon
One of the home remedies that people believe to kill a pigeon is the use of rice and alka-seltzer. Will these things work? Will these solve your problems on Minneapolis pigeon infestation? We will find out later on.

Rice to kill a pigeon. First, they believe that you need to feed the pigeons with dry rice. People believe that dry rice tend to expand when exposed to liquid. Once the Minneapolis pigeons are fed with dry rice, they stomach or gizzard will blow up and they will die eventually. The thing is, it does not work that way. Remember that pigeons are feed on seeds and grains. They know when they are full and tend to stop before their stomachs blow out. This goes the same with the idea of feeding them with dry rice. This won’t work.

Alka-seltzer to kill a pigeon. This is believe to work the same a as the dry rice. You feed the pigeons with alka-seltzer tablets and it will emit gas inside the stomach of the pigeons that will cause them to explode. This is not also a true thing. Animals have their own natural mechanism to expel gas out of their body. Just like human beings, they burp. And once they feel like they are full enough, they expel gas and won’t explode as some people believe they do. And no, alka-seltzer will not kill a Minneapolis pigeon.

What to do now?
If these remedies won’t work, you might need to install some net traps around the areas of the house where Minnesota pigeons commonly roost. You can also try installing a trap for a hundred percent effective of capturing and eliminating pigeon infestation in your place. If all these methods fail, you can always call a Minneapolis pest control service for a professional method to address your infestation problem.

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