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  • Minneapolis Educational Article of the Month - Rabbit Prevention - How to keep Rabbits away from yard or garden

Rabbit Prevention - How to keep Rabbits away from yard or garden

There are tons of things to consider if you have a pet rabbit and a nice yard to keep. After all, one of the primary concerns of every homeowner is how to prevent rabbits from eating their plants. While it really seems amusing to see a furry pet around, too many rabbits gone astray can actually ruin a beautiful plant yard. So for that, let us try exploring the many ways you can keep rabbits away (for good).

Grow other plants

Not all plants appeal to a rabbit’s taste buds. Plants such as yuccas, elderberries, lilacs, foxgloves and yarrows could actually deter these animals. Grow these plants strategically.

Experiment with over-the-counter solutions

Every product deserves a try. If you want a do-it-yourself strategy, by all means there is one that might actually work.

  • Carefully read the labels on the possible harm to your plants and own pets before using a new product
  • Gardening specialty shops sell different types of preparations (fox urine, coyote urine, bone meal, blood meal) which are also labeled as rabbit repellent solutions
  • Homemade sprays (using raw eggs) is also used to keep rabbits away
  • Try mixing cold water with dishwashing soap or liquid and pour over the spray bottle
  • You can also create your own mixture of spices to use as an alternative ingredient (ground black and red pepper, crushed garlic and water solution)
Perfect timing

The use of organic repellents is said to be more effective if you spray the surroundings before dark. That’s because rabbits usually eat in the evenings.
  • Apply on a regular basis
  • Spray around the barriers
  • Constantly check for bite marks to see if it’s working
Use traps

When the going gets tough, you can try catching the rabbits for good. But first, confirm with the local authorities if there are certain laws applied when using a trapping device. It is not legal to catch and relocate wild animals in some places. Always remember, it is still best to contact a rabbit control service when any of these won’t work.
  • An ideal rabbit trap must have “just the right amount” of space to prevent the rabbit from accidentally hurting itself from the trigger
  • Supplement this procedure with other techniques such as the use of fake owls and battery operated sound deterring devices
Fence the surrounding

What could be better than placing a fence around the garden? Try to make use of the good old “chicken wire”. Make sure it’s made of plastic coating so the material will last longer.
  • Around the trunk of a tree
  • Surrounding the whole yard
  • Over each flowerbed and vegetable patch

Tip: A highly durable net protection is also effective if you want to secure your edible garden from rabbits and a whole lot of other household pests.

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