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  • Minneapolis Educational Article of the Month - How Do Raccoons Get Into Attics?

How Do Raccoons Get Into Attics?

Raccoon is an animal which is known not only to be the toughest rodent but it is also very skillful and very intelligent animal. There are several ways by which the raccoons can make their way easier. Although the size of raccoons is not much but these are very strong animals and nature has made their hands in such a way that they can perform multiple tasks by these hands. Normally raccoons enter the houses by specific ways. If there is a small opening or rift, they can make it wider according to their own size and requirement in a very crafty way. Raccoons are very efficient climbers and this is the main reason why they always choose to make their way through the attic to enter into the house. Generally the raccoons also choose attic because it is very easy for them to climb up through the attic from the nearby trees and then they can enter into the house very easily and without any further aid or preparation. Therefore we can say that choosing to reside in the attic is one of the safest and easiest decisions as far as the proximity to their natural habitat is concerned.

Way of climbing to the attic

Raccoons always look for the open holes if there are any in the roof of the house. Even if these holes are small and the raccoons cannot pass through them, these will be chosen as the raccoons can adjust their size according to their requirements. This is further aided by any nearby tree which is in an easy access to the raccoons. In that case it will be easier for the raccoons to climb the trees and then enter into the house through attic or roof. Moreover, their transportation and taking in of food will also be facilitated by means of the trees.

It is not necessary that the raccoons will always need a tree to reach u to the top of the house to enter the roof or attic. These swift paws animals can also easily climb the wall of bricks and even the wooden surfaces no matter how smooth they are. Other than roof, there is another very favorable point of entry for raccoons. This is in the dormers section where there are overlapping pieces of wood. These points can serve to be the best entry points for raccoons.

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