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  • Minneapolis Educational Article of the Month - How to Get Rid of Skunks

How to Get Rid of Skunks

If you have skunks coming around your home, then you have my deepest sympathies. These are horrific creatures that bring disease and pestilence with them wherever they go. They are relentless scavengers that will dig in your garbage and garden to try to find their next meal. They leave waste that is full of parasites that are dangerous for you to handle or even breathe in and they are mean animals that will bite and make havoc with you and your pets.

This does not even consider the worst part about skunks – the horrible pungent odor they spray out of special glands near their anus. That liquid can stay on your body or on your pets’ fur for weeks giving your home and your property one of the worst smells imaginable. They can quickly turn your beautiful dream home into a nightmare for which it takes weeks to go away.

If you have Minneapolis skunks making the rounds to your home, then you surely want to keep them away, and give them reason to avoid your home all together. Here are some tips to help you accomplish that goal.

The first thing to consider is that the skunk is not coming to your home or property if there is nothing there for them to come for. This means that you need to remove potential food sources so it will not come around. The three most common places for a skunk to find food are your garbage can, your garden and another animal’s food. Your garbage cans should be secured in your garage or a shed if possible. If not make sure the lid is securely fastened on the can. If you are unable to do this then rig a piece of bungee cord over the top of the can so that it will stay tight against the can. If they cannot get food there then you have won half the battle.

If you have a garden make sure you have a fence that is tall enough to keep them from getting in. Chicken wire is not going to do the trick, so make sure that it is something that is sturdy. Also, make sure that fence is at least 12 inches below the ground. Skunks are amazing at digging and they will find a way to get in if you don’t make the fence deep enough.

If you have a dog or cat that you feed outside you may need to change that practice, or enclose that dishes so that the Minnesota skunk cannot reach them. Skunks will eat just about anything, so if you have a bird feeder know that if they can reach them they will be looking to get food from there as well. Make sure that the feeder cannot be pushed on to get food to fall out.

There are great repellants you can buy that have chemicals that will scare off the skunk. These need to be sprayed on your property on a regular basis to ensure that the critters find your home an unwelcome site. Even if you use the repellant it may be a good idea to make your own as well and put it on the places that you know the skunks like to go. That includes around the garbage can or garden area. The homemade concoction should be a mixture of hot sauce, water and jalapeno juice. A little taste of that and you will leave the skunk crying and running for water. That may be enough to keep it away.

Next consider some preventative measures that will startle the skunk and scare it off. One of the best is to have a light with motion sensors on it. Minneapolis skunks do not see very well, so they rely heavily on their smell and ability to hear. When there is a lot of light they are prone to scurry away to avoid predators. A motion sensor on a large lamp will instantly startle the skunk and force it to run away.

In the same vein, it is a good idea to consider getting a sprinkler that has a motion sensor on it. This are actually not too expensive to get and work like a charm. When the skunk crosses near the sensor the sprinkler will automatically come on and start spraying the skunk with extreme prejudice. It has nowhere to go or way to battle the water, so it just runs away. This may be enough to startle it enough to never return, but should it do so then it will find the same fate and look for pastures that are far less precarious for it.

These are some great ways to make it so that your home is skunk free. You will find that you are a lot happier and that you will enjoy your home the way you were intended to.

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